Cultivating connectivity.

XG provides founders innovating the next generation of network infrastructure with a foundation to grow.

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How We Cultivate Innovation

New 5G opportunities for investors

XG's founder innovation programs de-risk early-stage 5G investments. Funding schedules that are based on enterprise mandated delivery milestones keep projects on schedule.

Our global testbed network allows founders to earn revenues earlier while benchmarking performance that will allow for data-driven valuations.

Innovation pipelines for enterprise

XG allows enterprises to externalize the cost of their innovation pipeline while maintaining roadmap direction. Incrementally scaled testbed deployments allow for a data-driven approach to innovation roadmap development and valuations.

Our cap table and fundraising management programs ensures that early-stage innovations maintain the foundation they need to reach production.

Testbeds and scaled deployments for innovators

Innovations in connectivity are often a piece of a larger ecosystem. Access to these larger ecosystems is either unavailable or unaffordable for smaller companies.

By providing testbed access, XG creates opportunities for early-stage innovations to be tested, demonstrated, and deployed to smaller ecosystems.